Dr. Behrend to present at ICTD conference in South Africa in December!

Dr. Behrend will be presenting on psychological dynamics in ICTD projects at the ICTD Conference.

The presentation will discuss psychological and interpersonal factors such as motivation, leadership, teamwork and organizational culture as they are often key to ICTD success. The presentation will bring together experts from the ICTD field and the organizational/management sciences in order to engage around case studies and discuss interdisciplinary solutions to the human dynamics that often make or break ICTD interventions.

Behrend, T.S., Gloss, A.E., Howardson, G.N., Thompson, L.F., & McCallum, S. (2013). Addressing the X-factor: Psychological and interpersonal factors affecting ICTD success – a perspective from the organizational and management sciences. Proceedings of ICTD 2013, Dec 07-10, Capetown, South Africa.