2013 Mosel Award Winner

The WAVE lab is pleased to announce that Michael Karim is the recipient of this year’s Mosel Award for Research Creativity for his first-authored work on remotely proctored testing titled “Cheating, Reactions, and Performance in Remotely Proctored Testing: An Exploratory Experimental Study.” Michael developed an innovative research design to explore the effects of electronic monitoring on cheating, test performance, and applicant reactions during online testing. Findings suggested that electronic proctoring is effective in reducing cheating, though it also leads to negative perceptions regarding invasion of privacy. The paper concludes by offering researchers a taxonomy of electronic proctoring characteristics for future study.  Samuel Kaminsky and Tara Behrend are co-authors on the paper, which is currently under encouraged review at a prominent journal.

In recognition of the award, Michael will have his name engraved on the Mosel plaque in the Department office and will also receive a prize. Congratulations Michael!