Job Updates

Congratulations to the following WAVE Lab members on their new jobs!

Brad Pitcher began working as a Quantitative Research Assistant in Engineering Education at Purdue University. In this role, Brad has been leading a portion of the quantitative analyses for two NSF-funded projects that are under the direction of Dr. Ed Berger. Both projects focus on understanding the overall culture and subcultures that exist within and across different engineering schools based on the consensus of cultural beliefs, or lack thereof, expressed by faculty and students. The projects ultimately seek to understand how cultural beliefs relate to engineering students’ educational and professional outcomes and how to influence culture in a way that improves these outcomes. Brad’s role involves executing data analysis of culture surveys, interpreting results, and communicating findings for journal submissions. For more information about this project, click here.

Ahleah Miles began working as a full-time Survey Research Analyst at The George Washington University (GWU). In this role, she conducts surveys of the university population. She cleans data and merges results to create comprehensive databases, generates reports, and designs visualizations to summarize data for use by senior leadership. This information directly supports program reviews, reporting to accrediting bodies, and national benchmarking of the student experience and postgraduate outcomes. She is also responsible for supervising and training student employees on survey design, data cleaning, and analysis. In addition to this role, Ahleah also teaches an introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology course for undergraduate students in psychology, organizational sciences, and business, where she can enjoy both teaching and learning from her students and better inform her work for the university.

Dr. Jon Willford began working as an Associate People Scientist at BetterUp. In this role, he’ll be supporting various product development teams through mixed-methods research and behavioral intervention development to build out and improve the BetterUp product. This includes driving in-product assessment and measurement strategy, iteration and experimentation, and partnering with product and engineering teams to create the product roadmap.

Dr. Ryan Horn began a new role as an Organizational Researcher at Intuitive Surgical on their People Analytics team. Ryan is focused on better understanding Intuitive’s employees throughout the employee lifecycle and delivering actionable insights to drive improvement.