2017 Mosel Award Winner

The WAVE lab is pleased to announce that Ryan Horn is the recipient of this year’s Mosel Award for Research Creativity for his first-authored work on technology-mediated interviews titled “Video killed the interview star: Does picture-in-picture affect interview performance?” The research was published in the journal Personnel Assessment and Decisions (to read the article, click here).

In recognition of the award, Ryan will have his name engraved on the Mosel plaque in the GW Organizational Sciences and Communication Department office and will also receive a prize. Congratulations Ryan!

Learn About Your Career Personality

Dr. Behrend and Alex Gloss recently attended the 2017 WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi. In collaboration with WorldSkills International, they have developed a survey for use by member countries and competition participants. The survey assesses an individual’s fit with their current competition pathway and future career, and allows them to explore other career options based upon their personality and interests.

To take the survey, click here.



Workforce Learning and the Importance of Interests

WAVE Director Dr. Tara Behrend recently addressed the Stanford University mediaX community at a conference focused on “Workforce and Learning Pathways In A Period of Dynamic Change.” Her talk argued for the importance of considering interests and person-organization fit in understanding career success and learning pathways.


Dr. Behrend Interests Talk at MediaX


To watch the talk, click here.

To learn more about the event and other presenters, click here.

Welcome Back to WAVE!

We are excited to welcome four new members to WAVE this semester, in addition to welcoming back Dr. Behrend! To kick off the semester, we invited lab alumnus Michael Karim back for a visit.

Welcome Back

Pictured above (from left to right): Michael Karim, Dr. Behrend, third-year WAVE member Dave Tomczak, and new members Jerod White, Lili Greenstein, and Dan Ravid. Missing from photo is new lab member Gayatri Menon.


New Research: Person-Environment Fit

622908New research by WAVE Director Tara Behrend and WAVE alumna Jessica Badger Darrow explores the construct of person-environment (PE) fit and provides evidence that it is best modeled as a formative construct.

Read the article here.

Dr. Behrend Joins Advisory Board for Work Science Center

WAVE Lab Director, Dr. Tara Behrend, recently joined the advisory board for the Work Science Center at Georgia Tech. The Work Science Center promotes the psychological study of people and work in the 21st century and is focused on providing insight through research on a range of emerging topics such as automation, changing skill sets, and work across the lifespan. Dr. Behrend joins a number of of other leading researchers who are providing their expertise on a number of projects currently underway at the center.


Learn more about the center here.



New Research: Technology-Mediated Interviews

New research by Ryan Horn and Tara Behrend provides evidence for the potential detrimental effects of synchronous video technology in the context of selection interviews. In the current issue of Personnel Assessment and Decisions, they report on a study they conducted investigating how picture-in-picture technology affects interviewees. Read the study, entitled “Video Killed The Interview Star: Does Picture-in-Picture Affect Interview Performance? here.


WAVE Upcoming Presentations 2017

Members of WAVE will be presenting their research at the upcoming conferences:





1:30 PM – 2:20 PM: Trends in Learning and Development Research and Practice (Behrend) 

4:30 PM – 5:20 PM: Personality Variability Predicts Information Sharing: A Large Scale Field Study (Tomczak, Willford, & Behrend)



8:30 AM – 9:20 AM: How Pay Affects Performance and Retention in Longitudinal Crowdsourced Research (Auer, Behrend)

4:00 PM – 4:50 PM: Electronic Performance Monitoring Type Predicts Monitoring Perceptions and Contextual Performance (Willford, Tomczak, Jimenez, Behrend)






11:00 AM – 11:50 AM: Student outcomes stem from support: Perceived organizational support for innovation and technology implementation in schools. (Tomczak & Behrend)





WAVE Director, Dr. Tara Behrend will be presenting at the Association for Research in Personality Conference in Sacramento, CA, in early June. Details will be posted here soon.


New Article: Evidence-based EPM Recommendations

620214A new article (in press) by WAVE Lab member Dave Tomczak, along with Lauren Lanzo and Herman Aguinis, provides evidence-based recommendations for implementing electronic performance monitoring in organizations. Read the article, published in Business Horizons, here.

Dr. Tara Behrend to Give Talk at The Interval, San Francisco

If you are in San Francisco on February 28th, 2017, be sure to check out Dr. Tara Behrend’s upcoming talk at The Interval. Her talk is entitled “The Psychology of Surveillance: How Being Watched Changes Our Behavior”.


Details about the talk can be found at