Congrats Dr. Dubrow!

Congratulations to WAVE lab alumna Dr. Samantha Dubrow for successfully defending her dissertation at George Mason University today. We are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you all the best as Dr. Dubrow!

Congratulations Maria!

Congratulations to WAVE lab alumna Maria Montgomery, who was recently accepted into Georgetown University’s Master of Professional Studies in Applied Intelligence program. We wish you the best and can’t wait to see all that you accomplish!

Dr. Behrend on CASBS Webcast



WAVE lab director Dr. Tara Behrend participated in in a webcast about the future of work hosted by the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the webcast brought together researchers Tara Behrend, Louis Hyman, John Irons, Phyllis Moen, and Margaret as they consider a new future of work. Among others, topics of discussion included the role that government should play in raising living standards and creating economic security, the redesigning of careers and workplaces to promote organizational effectiveness, and the importance of the work-family interface. For more information about CASBS, please click here.

Welcome Back!

The WAVE Lab recently kicked off a new semester with its first virtual meeting of the fall. Though they are scattered across several states, the group is ready to work together on several exciting projects this semester. Stay tuned for more research updates!


Photo: WAVE Lab members Jerod White, Tara Behrend, Dan Ravid, Dave Tomczak, Ahleah Miles, Jon Willford, Brad Pitcher. Missing from photo is Pete Mancarella.

WAVE Research at Microsoft’s New Future of Work Symposium


The recent and rapid shift to remote work has presented organizations with many challenges. On August 3 -5, 2020, Microsoft will host New Future of Work, a virtual symposium bringing together researchers from various fields to discuss these challenges, with topics ranging from virtual reality workspaces to remote worker wellbeing. Among these researchers are WAVE lab members Dan Ravid, Jerod White, Dave Tomczak, Ahleah Miles, and director Tara Behrend, who will discuss their work on electronic performance monitoring. Their study, titled A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Digital Surveillance of Workers: A Psychology Focused Approach, was selected as a featured presentation in the symposium. In quantitatively reviewing existing monitoring research, the authors consider the appropriate uses of the practice in the new future of work. To learn more about Microsoft’s New Future of Work symposium and see the complete list of accepted presentations, click here.

Above: Dan Ravid presents at Microsoft’s New Future of Work virtual symposium.



The WAVE Lab is Moving to Purdue!


We are excited to announce that the WAVE Lab will be moving to Purdue University this fall! Lab director Dr. Tara Behrend is thrilled about her new appointment as Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology.  She will be joined in West Lafayette by PhD students Jerod White, Brad Pitcher, and Peter Mancarella, and she will continue to work remotely with her other graduate students. Stay tuned for more details about this transition!

The WAVE Lab Goes Virtual

Who better to work virtually than a group of researchers who study technology at work? This week the WAVE Lab put the “V” in WAVE while practicing social distancing for our weekly meeting. We are currently hard at work wrapping up several projects and beginning to explore the organizational effects of COVID-19. In the meantime, we hope all our readers stay safe and well.


WebEx Screenshot from the March 30 WAVE Lab meeting. From top left: Dan Ravid, Dave Tomczak, Ahleah Miles, Peter Mancarella, Brad Pitcher, Jerod White, Michael Rodriguez, Noa Leiter, Valerie Guo, Tara Behrend

WAVE Research at Scientia Institute Conference


Several WAVE lab members presented their research at the Scientia Institute conference at Rice University in Houston, Texas on February 13-14, 2020.


WAVE lab director Tara Behrend spoke at the conference, presenting data from welders and welding educators in her talk, Rethinking the Role of Career and Technical Education for Workforce Development. 

Dave Tomczak and Pete Mancarella also presented a poster, An Instrument for Measuring Electronic Performance Monitoring, which was co-authored by lab alum Sarah Zarsky. Their study investigated the degree to which individuals perceive various forms of digital monitoring as acceptable. Findings suggest that characteristics of the monitoring device, its purpose, and its target all influence an individual’s perceived acceptability. Overall, newer monitoring technologies tend to be accepted less frequently than more established ones.


To learn more about the Scientia Institute conference, click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Horn

Congratulations to the WAVE lab’s newest Ph.D, Dr. Ryan Horn! In February he successfully defended his dissertation, titled Feedback-Seeking Behavior and Performance: A Longitudinal Exploration of Intraindividual Relationships. This study investigated new measurement and analysis approaches in feedback-seeking research. His findings offer initial evidence that feedback-seeking through a technology-mediated system relates to higher performance. We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best, Dr. Horn!


WAVE Lab Presentations at SIOP 2020

WAVE members will be presenting their research at the following sessions in Austin, Texas on April 23-25:


Thursday April 23rd

11:30 AM to 12:20 PM:

Blacksmith, N., Willford, J. C., & McCusker, M. Lack of focus on construct conceptualization is impeding scientific advancement. (Poster)


1:30 PM to 2:20 PM:

Ravid D. M. & Behrend, T. S. Break time task reminders, psychological detachment, and performance recovery. (Poster)


4:30 PM to 5:50 PM:

Behrend, T. S., Howard, M. C., Lee, L. M., Marin, S., Montefiori, L., Pitcher, B. D. (No Authorship Order). Virtual reality and assessment: Future directions for research and practice. (Alternative session)



Friday April 24th

10:00 AM to 10:50 AM:

Hess, R., Behrend, T. S., Carter, N. T., Kausel, E. E., Dubrow, S. R., Naber, A. M. Trust and the artificial intelligence-human interface at work. (Symposium)


12:30 PM to 1:20 PM:

Tomczak, D. L., Mancarela, P. J., Zarsky, S. & Behrend, T. S. An instrument for measuring electronic performance monitoring practices. (Poster)


1:30 PM to 2:20 PM:

Willford, J. C. & McCusker, M. From Humans OR Machines to Humans AND Machines: Optimizing Decision-making using AI (Panel Discussion)


Saturday April 25th

8:00 AM to 9:20 AM:

Langer, M. & Basch, J. Interview technology and AI: Effects on applicants, evaluators, and adverse impact. (Symposium)

  • White, J. C. & Behrend, T. S. Can you hear me now? The influence of technology disruptions in virtual interviews.
  • Gonzalez, M. F., Liu, W., Shirase, L., Tomczak, D. L., Lobbe, C. E., Justenhoven, R., Brandt, O., Tschöpe, N., Martin, N. R., & Preuss, A. AI as an ally: Improving reactions to artificial intelligence.