Twenty Years of Technology at SIOP: Are I-O Psychologists Lagging?


If you are interested in the “Twenty Years of Technology at SIOP: Are I-O Psychologists Lagging?” poster from the 2019 SIOP conference, or if you are simply interested to learn more about technology and SIOP in general, please refer to the content below.


Poster Abstract:

We examine the timeliness of technology research at SIOP conferences since 1998. Findings indicate that, on average, I-O psychologists study technology milestones over six years after they occur. Preliminary results also suggest that I-O psychologists have responded to technology milestones more quickly in recent years. Our study provides the SIOP community with diagnostic information to inform future research and conferences.


The History of Technology (HoT) timeline contains over 1,500 data points of technological milestones throughout history:

History of Technology Timeline


The Society for Industrial-Organizational  Psychology (SIOP) timeline contains over 2,000 data points of technology-related SIOP conference submissions since 1998.

SIOP Technology Research Timeline


The Lag Table compares the year in which technological milestones occurred to the year they were first mentioned in a SIOP submission title or abstract. 

40 item Lag Table


The Unstudied Technology Table outlines technological milestones that have yet to be mentioned in SIOP submission titles or abstracts.

8 item Unstudied Technology Table




The 2019 John Flanagan Award – winning poster was based on the following paper: (Siderits et al.) 

Siderits, I., White, J., Ravid, D., Zarsky, S., & Behrend, T. (2019, April). Twenty Years of Technology at SIOP: Are I-O Psychologists Lagging? Poster presented at the 34th Annual Conference of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, National Harbor, MD.