Twenty Years of Technology at SIOP: Are I/O Psychologists Lagging?


If you are interested in the “Twenty Years of Technology at SIOP: Are I/O Psychologists Lagging?” poster at this year’s annual conference, or if you are simply itching to know more about technology and SIOP in general – then this is the perfect one-stop-shop for you! Below is all of the information you will need to catch up of anything you may may have missed, or to learn more about anything that you were particularly interested in.



Abstract: We examine the timelines of technology research at SIOP conferences since 1998. Findings indicate that, on average, I/O psychologists study technology milestones 6.55 years after they occur. Preliminary results also suggest that I/O psychologists have responded to technology milestones more quickly in recent years. Our study provides the SIOP community with diagnostic information to inform future research and conferences.



Want the real low-down on this poster? Here is the full SIOP paper on which it is based:


Get H.o.T. with the full 1,500+ item History of Technology (HoT) timeline:


So, what technology has SIOP talked about – See the 2000+ item SIOP Research timeline:


Woah woah woah – I much prefer to receive a brief brief in my briefs – Well, see the 42-item final comparison lag & 10 notable unstudied technology milestones:


Siderits, I., White, J., Ravid, D., Zarsky, S., & Behrend, T. (2019, April). Twenty Years of Technology at SIOP: Are I-O Psychologists Lagging? Poster presented at the 34th Annual Conference of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, National Harbor, MD.