WAVE Research at Microsoft’s New Future of Work Symposium


The recent and rapid shift to remote work has presented organizations with many challenges. On August 3 -5, 2020, Microsoft will host New Future of Work, a virtual symposium bringing together researchers from various fields to discuss these challenges, with topics ranging from virtual reality workspaces to remote worker wellbeing. Among these researchers are WAVE lab members Dan Ravid, Jerod White, Dave Tomczak, Ahleah Miles, and director Tara Behrend, who will discuss their work on electronic performance monitoring. Their study, titled A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Digital Surveillance of Workers: A Psychology Focused Approach, was selected as a featured presentation in the symposium. In quantitatively reviewing existing monitoring research, the authors consider the appropriate uses of the practice in the new future of work. To learn more about Microsoft’s New Future of Work symposium and see the complete list of accepted presentations, click here.

Above: Dan Ravid presents at Microsoft’s New Future of Work virtual symposium.