How Well Do You Fit With Your Job?

    WAVE Lab has partnered with TIME Magazine to conduct a study about vocational interests and aspirations.

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  • New Research:

    Reactions to Organizational Surveillance

    A new paper explores the effects of electronic surveillance on employee attitudes and behaviors, finding that employees may react negatively and retaliate against the organization when their right to privacy is threatened.

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  • New Research:

    Person-Environment Fit

    New research by WAVE Director Tara Behrend and WAVE alumna Jessica Badger Darrow explores the construct of person-environment (PE) fit and provides evidence that it is best modeled as a formative construct.

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  • New Research:

    Video Killed the Interview Star

    New research by Wave lab members Ryan Horn and Tara Behrend shows evidence that video interviews may negatively impact job applicants.

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  • New Research

    Online Interviews

    A meta-analysis by WAVE Lab members Nikki Blacksmith, Jon Willford, and Tara Behrend shows that video interviews are worse for candidates.

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  • RA's

    Hard at Work!

    A dedicated team of RAs, pictured below, was essential to a study that has just been published in Personality and Individual Differences: General Mental Ability and Decision-Making Competence: Theoretically Distinct but Empirically Redundant

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The WAVE (Workplaces and Virtual Environments) lab focuses on generating knowledge by conducting rigorous research with real world impact in order to improve human-technological systems and inform policy.

Some Projects We Are Working On

Algorithms and Decision Making

Every aspect of our working lives have been transformed by algorithms. We are investigating how these algorithms change the way we make decisions and understand our professional selves.

Electronic Performance Monitoring

It is now possible for organizations to monitor employees in many ways, but this practice can also have unintended and negative effects. We are currently investigating how electronic monitoring affects employee well-being and behavior.

Technology-Mediated Interviews

Technology is rapidly changing how employment interviews are being conducted. Several WAVE lab projects are looking at the psychological impact of technology on both applicants and interviewers.