• New Research:

    Video Killed the Interview Star

    New research by Wave lab members Ryan Horn and Tara Behrend shows evidence that video interviews may negatively impact job applicants.

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  • WAVE Lab

    Upcoming Presentations 2017

    Members of WAVE will be presenting their research at several upcoming conferences.

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  • New Research

    Online Interviews

    A meta-analysis by WAVE Lab members Nikki Blacksmith, Jon Willford, and Tara Behrend shows that video interviews are worse for candidates.

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    How Well Do You Fit With Your Job?

    WAVE Lab has partnered with TIME Magazine to conduct a study about vocational interests and aspirations.

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  • Online Learning

    Understanding Training Motivation

    Dr. Behrend and WAVE Alumnus Garett Howardson recently published work in The International Journal of Training and Development and Academy of Management: Learning and Education.

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  • Big Data and

    ICTs for Human Development

    A new white paper co-authored by WAVE Lab Director Dr. Tara Behrend describes the opportunities and challenges of big data for human development.

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Welcome to WAVE LabWorkplaces and Virtual Environments

We focus on the psychological implications of a digitally connected world of work.

Some Projects We Are Working On

Animated Intelligent Agents

WAVE lab research has been focused on understanding how animated intelligent agents and avatars can change or impact training and selection.

Learner Controlled Training

Learners in computer-based training may be allowed greater amounts of control over the training’s instructional and scheduling features. Our research examines the dimensionality and effects of learner controlled training on learning and training reactions.

Technology-Mediated Interviews

Technology is rapidly changing how employment interviews are being conducted. Several WAVE lab projects are looking at the psychological impact of technology on both applicants and interviewers.